Peter Sintic –

Past Work

Once upon a time, some 20 years ago I had the overwhelming desire to get a computer. My buddy Ray had one when I was in grade 7, but I had no interest back then. Fast forward to my early 20s, working in a fine dining establishment and the highlight of my culinary career, I met a guy named Jeff and we became friends.

Jeff and his roommate where into computer games and on the internet. We’d hang out and I’d absorb what I could, my interest began to skyrocket. I remember that my first PC came soon after that, A Pentium 1.3GHz with an 8Gig hard drive and 13″ curved screen monitor. Shortly after that I took a job as a handyman/runaround at a local company that owed an ISP and a couple internet cafes. I did it all and worked my way into a desk job and designing websites. The company transitioned to doing on line gaming, at which I flourished. Attention grabbing, exciting and very cutting edge, my experience with emerging tech was growing. This was a very exciting time!

I taught myself how to web design from the very beginnings of the World Wide Web. The internet was young, as was Windows! I immersed myself in designing graphics and getting them up on the web, I learned code at a stressful pace and pushed hard to understand and troubleshoot things. Not too long after feeling ready to pursue reward for my skills, I landed at Go Internet. They owed a few Internet cafe’s, were an ISP and Long Distance/Calling card provider and……did online casino gaming……

Go Casino/Golden Palace
Go Casino was my first real gig. I got to travel to Vegas to get the feel of a real casino to enhance my ability to create visually stunning front ends and eye catching play environments. Gaming revenue was over $8 Million a month! Banner ads were fun to design and attracted tons of traffic to the sites. Eventually we teamed up with Golden Palace and everything started to melt into one. I moved on with my knowledge, it was a fun ride.

Waterloo Manufacturing
My first real paying job out of the gate. I was actually kind of surprised since back then I had long hair and looked little like Kid Rock. Originally founded in 1850 as a manufacturing company of farm machinery equipment, WatMan have evolved into a full service boiler sales and service organization. they don’t use my design anymore but I remember them being easy to work with and a good group of people. Visit them at


Pioneer Canada
I was pretty lucky to land Pioneer as a client at the time. The internet was young and it was kind of easy to wow people that were forward looking and understood what potential it had. A website is basically a brochure, one that can move and is easy to change when your business does. Pioneer was bought into the hype and knew what they were looking to achieve with their web presence. They also understood how the user needed to interact to make it a value. We learned a lot from each other but eventually I couldn’t do for them the same thing a firm could. On to other things.


SSI Schaefer
SSI SCHAEFER is the world’s leading provider of products and systems for intra-company material flows and waste engineering. At around 70 operative companies and more than ten domestic and international production sites, we develop innovative concepts and solutions for our customers’ industries. In this process, we shape the future of intralogistics. They’re huge now, I think they moved overseas. Good company to work with.


Kelly’s Klowns
Kelly is celebrating over 20 years as an event specialists! She havs been a full time entertainment agency for close to 20 years in southwestern Ontario and is a professional loonies offering good times for virtually any spirited event on the planet or in your mind. My design is no longer in use unfortunately but Kelly is going strong.


Herb Works
The Herb Works creates unique herbal formulations available in capsules, tinctures and ointments, made from premium quality wild-crafted, and (certified) organic botanicals. These have arisen from Richard DeSylva’s herbal practice and research over the past 35 years. I’ve done web and tech support for Rick, good guy. Check out his site,


Buckley and Co
Shawn Buckley’s reputation has reached Canada’s Parliament, national media, influential civil liberties organizations and tens of thousands Canadian citizens. Shawn brings to the NHPPA unrivalled legal knowledge and his acknowledged status as a constitutional expert in parliament. His work represents his passion for truth, ethics and individual rights in a regulatory climate of which he says “how free are we if we cannot choose how to feed ourselves or maintain our own health?” Check out Buckley and Co and


Institute of Holistic Nutrition
IHN as its affectionately knows has been a client for a few years now in both Tech Support and Web Development/Troubleshooting. Elizabeth and her teams Canada wide are amazing. IHN’s curriculum skillfully blends the traditional with the ever-evolving wisdom of wellness in the true spirit of Holistic Health. Providing its students with leading edge research, innovative coursework and dynamic approaches to wellness. Visit the Institute of Holistic Nutrition online.