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About Radish Me Healthy

My name is Alexandra Daugherty and I am thrilled you stopped on my page and want to learn more about me!

My journey to health began in my early twenties after many years of struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight loss. Doctors nor prescriptions were helping me find the solution. It wasn’t until I personally learned about natural nutrition through the study of Holistic Nutrition at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. I embarked on a nutritional journey of learning that food is medicine. Good nutrition and what you put into your body is the foundation for good health! Not only did I overcome my struggles naturally, my overall lifestyle changed greatly; from the foods I was eating to being active on a daily basis. I finally felt I was in a complete state of balance and health, all thanks to learning about a diet of whole some, natural food.

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About Radish Me Healthy, Continued.

I am dedicated to addressing many common health problems, like hormonal imbalances, acne, digestive issues, allergies, food sensitivities and weight loss with whole food based nutrition and supplementation to best suit your needs and everyday lifestyle. I’m even here to help prevent many diseases! I recognize each individual as unique and truly encompass a Holistic lifestyle for you!
I create a unique, personal protocol to bring balance and wellness into your life by accessing your health concerns and your individual bio chemistry. It’s a nutritional protocol that is exclusive to you and your health goals. Remember, I used to be in your shoes, so I can relate a lot more than you think.